6:20am this morning..”Mami can you take care of 2 kids?”

ummmm..well that is the question I ask myself everyday! I guess my 3 1/2 daughter can read my mind. Daddy left today for a week long business trip and my daughter just wanted to make sure I could handle her and her brother. Well let’s see considering I do everything around the house (okay I do have a cleaning lady 1x a week but my husband always asks why since I clean every day), pay bills, make the tedious annoying phone calls that exist when you own a home, deal with the school, volunteer at the school, cook everyday for every meal and I don’t know do 1,257,888 things on a daily basis, YES I think I can handle 2 kids. Maybe not well but I can manage. I have no idea how those 16 year old girls have babies and raise them alone. Whenever I want to lock myself up in my room and loose my mind I think of them.

This past week during the Holidays was wonderful, joyful and challenging. I am getting old. I got woken up every day by my loving daughter before the sun rose, chased after my mobile baby and we went full speed into the holiday:

Thursday we hosted Thanksgiving

Friday we went into the woods/farm and cut down our own tree, visited Santa’s village, came home and decorated the whole house

Saturday I went to yoga (yea and I do not feel guilty), husband and daughter put up all the ornaments on the tree and I took the princess to her 1st musical. Side note-I got to shower and do my hair (with a hair dryer) so I looked like a nice suburban mom. Since I looked nice my husband and I took advantage, called my mom who cam over and went to Target and the movies. We saw CREED-go and see it, it was great!

Sunday my husband spent the whole day outside decorating and I watched the baby cheetah AKA my 8 1/2 month old son, made soup and cooked dinner oh and did 3 loads of laundry!

I am TIRED..

So how am I going to make it thru this week. I have no idea. I will need to meditate so I don’t scream like a banshee at my daughter who might as well work for the CIA. She wants to know everything, asks 5,643 questions a day and is the most persistent human being on earth, watch my favorite depressing show-The First 48 hours and oh yea, drink and eat lots of coffee and chocolate.

I figure I can loose weight in the new year and break out the faja (aka waistrainer for all of you in gringolandia) then..

p.s. my daughter has a cold AWESOME


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