December Weekends

There are 3 months in the year that I feel always fly by and are jam packed with activities. May because of weddings, Baptism, Communions, Mother’s day,  my husband’s birthday and Memorial Day; October because of weddings, my wedding anniversary and of course Halloween and then December. This past week I finally surrendered to the cold I had been fighting since Thanksgiving. Despite all of my hippie remedies (vitamins, teas and herbs) my body just needed to rest, drink plenty of water and take about 678 theraflu packets. I am finally feeling better and have some of my energy back.

I love spending my weekends in December ice skating, baking, cooking, going to the see the Tree in Rockefeller Center and the windows at Saks Fifth Avenue. I also like to binge on Netflix because the weather is usually crappy but this year the weather has been amazing! I feel like I am living in Georgia. In fact today, the weather lady said it was colder in Texas than it was in the Tri-State area(NY/NY/CT). While I do NOT want to complain in the least, I do feel like a lost puppy. I want to wear all of my festive winter clothes but I can’t because I’ll pass out from the heat. I also want to hibernate inside my home but with temperatures in the 60’s I feel horrible doing so. I spent this weekend, going out to dinner with friends, ice skating on a melting rink in a long sleeve tee shirt and sunglasses-AMAZING! and playing with my daughter and dog in the backyard as if it was early May. We slept with the windows open all weekend and the heat shut off. This weather is great for our wallet! More money to spend on going out.

I am totally preparing myself for -20 degrees and 2 feet of snow next month!



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