Sons vs. Daughters..oh boy is there a difference

When I was pregnant with my daughter I wanted it to be a surprise but with my son I wanted to find out. So when I told everyone I was having a boy I got a lot of “oh well get ready because Boys are way different than girls”. When I asked in what way I usually got radio silence. I wasn’t sure if that was because as most parents your memory starts to fade very quickly and you can never provide concrete examples as you can barely remember what you did 5 minutes ago or if it was because these parents just didn’t want to scare me.

Well my son is almost 9 months old and I now understand what they were trying to tell me. First of all, let’s make it clear that your 2nd child is always way different than your 1st because every child has their own personality and secondly you are more relaxed and in control and the baby can sense that. My son was a great infant he┬árarely cried unless he was hungry and pretty much let anyone hold him, feed him etc. You could feed him Chinese Food (not that I did that) and he would not get a single bit of gas. He slept thru the night starting at 4 months when he started solids and we haven’t looked back since.

Rewind to 2 months ago when he started to crawl backwards. I thought ok no biggie, he got caught under his crib and dresser a bunch of times but never got hurt and I could still get stuff done. Well that didn’t last long as he started crawling 1 month ago and my life changed forever. I cannot take my eyes off of him for a second! He gets into EVERYTHING, he has tried to bite the dogs tail, eat the cables behind the media console in the family room, rip┬áthe baby camera off the wall while I change him and the list goes on and on. What am I going to do?

Yesterday I tried to answer a text message as I was getting ready to pick up my daughter from school, so I put him down on the kitchen floor because if I carry him while on my phone he either grabs it and puts it in his mouth or slaps it out of my hand. Well in all but 2 seconds he managed to knock over the whole dog bowl filled with water ALL OVER HIM. This morning, he managed to get a twist and click sippy cup open just enough that the water spilled all over him. I realize that 99% of these things could be happening due to my lack of baby proofing or anticipating how destructive he is but I am just NOT prepared for this little boy. In retrospect my daughter was an ANGEL. I could answer an email or get up for a few seconds and not fear that she would seriously hurt herself or others. I had it soo good. Look I do not want to sound like I am ungrateful, I am happy that my son is thriving I am just not prepared for it. My daughter is mentally draining, my husband is rarely home and my ninja reflexes are failing me.

Mothers of sons you have my respect. From now on, when I see a mother in the market with multiple boys I will say a little prayer for her, ladies you are my heroes.


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