Money doesn’t grow on trees!

Yea well tell that to 5,300 college and universities in the United States* and to your local government office. Well it is definitely January because all anybody can talk about is the lack of funds in their account and how expensive everything is. In my Mom circle everyone has been talking about schools, what school districts are good, which are not, how to pay for private and/or Catholic schools and property taxes. Literally, it comes up in every conversation. In my neck of the woods the cost of living is inflated, housing, transportation, food etc. People work 80 hours a week and it still seems to never be enough. For real? How can that be?

I grew up in New York City where many of the public schools are horrendous so I feel very lucky  that I got to go to a private school. I was an only child, Hispanic (they needed their diversity box to be checked) with a single parent so I got a discount-THANK YOU universe. So when I  moved to Connecticut everyone said well be careful because the schools aren’t good and it will affect your home’s value but I figured well they can’t be as bad as the ones in NYC. Now that I live in CT the only thing parents can talk about is how the schools in my town are not good, that they will be moving to this place and to the next. Of course like most things, it all depends on who you are speaking to because others will say that the schools are just fine. Then you wonder if the schools are just considered “bad” because they are filled with minority students whose parents can’t afford private tutors for every subject! I live in a small city surrounded by several small wealthy towns so it isn’t a fair to compare a school in a city where there are all kinds of people and income levels to a town where a starter home will cost you $1 million. Either way with everyone talking about schools, you have to start to think- okay so what is right for my child? Should I just put my kid into public school and start saving now for college? Better yet should I start selling body parts, invest that money and pray that one day I can pay for college because by then it will be $100K per child per year!

I think much like parenting, choosing what type of school is right for your child is a personal choice, you have to do what works for you and your family and your finances. If you can afford private school then kudos but if you can’t then you should be able to put your child in public school and not have to worry that they will be 10yrs old reading at a Kindergartners level. Yes, this happens in the NYC area. For my husband and I we have decided to put our kids into Catholic school and then a private prep school for high school as that is what our parents did for us. Our parents were immigrants so we pray that if they could do it then we should be able to but it is still a huge and scary commitment! And if we do this how will we ever be able to send them to college? With that also comes, why are we paying high property taxes if our kids will not even be using the public schools? Where should we move if everything in our area is “expensive”. I know there are many parents out there that are in the same boat. It is a lot of responsibility raising a kid and you don’t want to fuck them up?! Everyone wants their kid to go to a good school and be successful in life. Right? We all want better for our kids. That is one thing that unites us as individuals, no matter who you are , where you came from etc. We all want better for our kids. One day at a time Mami’s, one day at a time..




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