17 things that Mami told me about being a woman..

latinas be like

  1. You have to always look presentable, sweat pants every day is a NO NO NO.
  2. Your husband will leave you if you let yourself go
  3.  You can’t get fat because men don’t like that
  4. You have to wear a faja every day but preferably not when you sleep with your husband
  5. You have to wear makeup every day ESPECIALLY after you turn 30
  6. You must clean your face EVERY night and use any and all wrinkle creams that exist
  7. You cannot let anyone see you with gray hair
  8. Your nails should always be painted and look good
  9. Your husband and kid’s clothes must be perfectly ironed because if not people will think you are a bad wife and mom
  10. You should always have dinner ready for your husband
  11. Don’t talk about stressful things right when your husband gets home from work, wait until after he has eaten
  12.  Your house must always be clean, like eat off the floor clean
  13.  Your closets and drawers should always be organized
  14. Always make the beds because you never know who might stop by
  15. Don’t let your kids be malcriados (spoiled brats)
  16. Learn how to make a proper cup of coffee
  17. Make sure you have a good job so you don’t have to depend on a man for money

This is how I grew up and I am pretty sure if you are Latina, your mom told you some of these things too. I for one felt like I always had to be perfect; be the perfect lady, wife, housekeeper, chef and once I had kids, Mami. As much as I have learned to let go a bit, I still have this list of things running thru my head and this is why I am always soo tired and cannot sit down for more than 10 minutes! Well that and because my kids don’t let me sleep 🙂 But as my Mami says, deal with it, no one said life was easy..






    1. And I forgot 19. Never let your husband go to a party alone because you know how “women” can be…LOL xoxo Prima, thanks for commenting

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