Mami, I don’t like girls because they are mean

The other day my daughter proudly declared that when she was going to be a Mami she was going to have 2 little boys. I asked her why don’t you want to have baby girls? Her response ” Mami, I don’t like girls because they are mean”..

I was left speechless, sad and then realized that she wasn’t that far off I just didn’t expect for her to come to this observation at such an early age! I myself never had great relationships with girls/women for several reasons:

1). I went to an all girls school until 8th grade

2). When my parents divorced I was teased at school by other girls

3). I had an evil stop mother growing up

4). The list goes on…

Yet, I still had and have a great group of friendships with women that I have had since childhood. So what kind of advice can I offer my child? Do I just leave it alone and keep it moving or do I try and reassure her that not ALL girls are mean. I mean I have seen my daughter in action, she likes to tell other kids what to do and at times lead the pack, is this why she is bumping heads with other little girls in school? Do I need to go to the library and check out 37,864 books on girl power and the amazing benefits of having girlfriends? Lord help me, just another thing to add to the list of parenting woes.

One day at a time..


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