Tomato Sauce

tomato sauce

Okay so if you know me, you know that I must of been Italian in my former life because I LOVE pasta and Italian cuisine in general. While my family is from Uruguay with Spanish & Scottish roots there is a huge Italian influence in Uruguay and I grew up with my grandmother making Gnocchi, Cannellonis and tomato sauce on Sundays. So I always have a large mason jar of homemade sauce in my fridge. If I see that it is not going to be used I freeze it. After dealing with 18months of severe acid reflux with my daughter I became a real stickler for processed foods and when I can I make everything myself from scratch using REAL ingredients. Here is how I make my tomato sauce:


1 large can of RedPack Crushed Tomatoes

1-2 garlic cloves (minced)

1 teaspoon of salt (I use Baleine Sea Salt)

About half of a Spanish onion (minced)

Quarter of a cubanelle pepper (minced)

1-2 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pinch of Dried Oregano


Grab a large deep pan or dutch oven. Pour in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil enough to coat the pan, place the minced onion and cubanelle and let it cook a few minutes, as it becomes translucent add in the garlic and salt(do not let the garlic burn and turn brown). Open up the can of tomatoes and add it into the pan, put some water into the empty can so as not to leave any remnants of the tomatoes in the can and place it into the pan. Bring the sauce to a boil on medium to high heat and then lower it to a simmer. Cover the pan but leave a little corner uncovered for the steam to escape. Give it about 30 minutes checking it periodically. If the sauce begins to thicken to much add about 1/4 cup of water. Grab a pinch of dried oregano and rub with your fingertips over the sauce. The rubbing releases the oil and aroma of the oregano.


We barbecued on Sunday night and had hamburgers so I used the leftover ground round beef and made meatloafballs for dinner tonight and cooked them in the leftover tomato sauce I had in the fridge. I always try to use everything so nothing goes to waste. Hopfully they come out good and Ill post the recipe on the blog.


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