6 Ways to go Crazy

I have fallen off the face of my blog for several reasons:

1). Renovate your kitchen while your kid is home for summer break

2). Let your husband do a portion of the work

3). Find Termites and Termite damage after you have been paying a company for 7 years to monitor the situation

4). Your kids and YOU get Coxsackie

5). Your kids and you get the stomach virus and not at the same time-Thank God for that!

6). Have 2 kids, a husband who works 13 hours a day and a needy rescue dog

This pretty much sums up my life these past three¬†months. We started renovating our kitchen on Memorial Day (don’t do that to yourselves) and we ended the weekend after 4th of July and thats when everyone got sick. Then we went away on vacation and have come back and I have been trying to be super mom and entertain my kids since they were locked up the whole month of July. Then my husband got a vasectomy. The hits keep coming. I have just accepted that life with 2 kids is 100% chaos. Moms of 2+ kids I don’t know how you do it! Can’t wait for school to start..



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