8 Potty Training Truths

potty train

Okay so lately I have had a few friends ask me about potty training so I figured I would share some things that I found to be true…

  1. Be consistent
  2. Bribery works
  3. It could take a week or months
  4. Read to them about using the potty
  5. What works for one mom may not work for another
  6. What works for one child may not work for the other
  7. You may have to become a home body for a week
  8. Pick up extra cleaning supplies and some WINE

I potty trained my daughter at the age of 2 despite some telling me it was too soon I did what was right for me! My motto is if they can tell you what they want for lunch they can tell me when they have to pee and poop.

My daughter had AWFUL acid reflux and digestive issues as a baby/toddler and as such she only pooped 1x  a day and it was usually at bath time and in the bathtub. As I ALWAYS put my kids to bed by MYSELF I would usually loose my shit when she did this. Why? Because I was home alone and had to take her out of the tub, clean the whole tub, put her back in and finish bathing her. Well my freak outs must have 100% freaked her out because after the 10th time of putting her on the toilet as she pooped she started pointing to the toilet when she had to go poop. So at 18 months she was poopy potty trained! Yes!

Now I kept reading to her at night about how to use the potty. They have some great books out there. Also as I was home with her every day I usually took her to the bathroom with me every time and after a while she wanted to sit on the toilet too. I started to put her in pull ups during the day and every time I had to use the bathroom I would take her (for me that is about every hour) and make her sit on the potty. Sometimes she sat other times she gave me attitude and jumped right off. My next step was bribery, I told her I would give her ice cream or a piece of chocolate or let her watch a show on the TV and well that got her going, not all the time but maybe 1x a day? I also made sure to take her to the toilet 20 minutes after she had water or juice. I used the timer on the Iphone, it made things a lot easier because as stay at home moms, you have ZERO concept of time. Once she started to consistently tell me she had to go to the bathroom and I started realizing she wasn’t really having any accidents in the pull up (this took about a month) I decided she was “ready” . I put her in a cotton underwear the next day and did not leave the house and from what I remember she may have had 1-2 accidents and then the second day she was done. I tested this theory because I left the house to do errands etc and we had no issues! Also to be clear, I still put her in a pull up at night until she was about 3 1/2.

That was my potty training story with my daughter. I am sure what worked for my daughter will not work for my son or maybe it will. I will have to take it day by day.

What worked for you?



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