Birth Control After Babies

meme_had-me-at-snippedSo my husband and I always talked about how we only wanted to have 2 kids for several reasons. The first was that we couldn’t really afford more than that, we wanted to always have 1 parent available to a child  and more than that would mean we would have to have 4 because he was 1 of 3 and he always felt left out and ignored.

So when I was 6-7 months pregnant with my youngest child I decided to ask my OBGYN about getting my tubes tied, I atleast wanted to know more about it. Well I didn’t get far with him because he immediately said No, I won’t do it, you are too young ( I was 32 at the time) and you do not know what life has in store for you. Say what? Yup he wasn’t budging and like the idiot that I was or am I just left it at that.

Fast forward to March 8th on the operating table my OBGYN’s colleague (a woman) says oh hey while I am down here do you want me to tie  your tubes? Say WHAT? I have been up for 24 hours and in labor, I have the comprehension level of a puppy and hell I don’t even know what my name is and you want me to give you a yes or no? Is this a joke?

My husband had testicular cancer in his 20’s and as he knew I didn’t want to be on the pill forever (my family members have had kids well into their 40’s+ and the men into their 60’s) he just offered one day, oh I’ll just get a vasectomy. Just like that. He assured me that we was totally fine with it.

We waited until my son was a year old and we finished some pending home renovations that we had planned and then my husband scheduled his vasectomy as if it was an appointment to have a cavity filled. I kept asking him if he was 100% sure and he said yes, I told him well what if we get divorced or something happens to me and you want to have more kids. He said there is no way I want to be responsible for another kid financially, I can’t handle the stress.  Well, okay then.

I drove with him to the doctor and he had the procedure done in less than 30 minutes. I was cringing the whole time in the waiting room, I was horrified for his balls! I wondered did he feel this way when I was pushing a watermelon out of my pee hole and then being sliced open because my kids wouldn’t come out? I’m not sure but what I can say is that I am really thankful that he went ahead with the procedure because I am 100% sure that I don’t want more kids and I can’t wait to stop taking the pill. While I’m worried what the lack of pill will do to my period, PMS and my skin I am happy that I will no longer be putting strange chemicals into my body. Yes, that is how I see most and all drugs. As I have said in previous posts, I am a closeted hippie.




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