5 things I tell my kids everyday

  1. Life isn’t fair
  2. If you want something, you will have to WORK for it
  3. If you are weak the world will walk all over you
  4. Thank God for what you have because you don’t realize how blessed you are
  5. If you don’t stop misbehaving I will give away your toys to kids who have nothing

Yes, I am a bit aggressive, mean and to the point. Do I love my kids, yes I do. That is why I am not trying to sugar coat REAL LIFE for them. I believe my job is to teach them how to survive on this planet without me. I wish I could be more Disney like in my approach but I don’t want them to get a cold dose of reality at 13 or even 18 and subsequently have a mental breakdown because someone didn’t blow sunshine up their ass.

I am just keeping it real over here like my mama did with me…Is your mothering style influenced by how you were raised?



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