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No Lo Tires a la basura

thumbnail_IMG_8806That saying which translates into “Don’t throw it in the garbage” is the story of my life!

I don’t know if it is because my mother is a Virgo, an immigrant or because she is just a straight up hoarder but I heard this saying every week of my life. My mother will save anything of value like, old towels, sheets, my report cards from 1st grade oh yea and a Shamu poncho from 1987 that smelled like Bacalao (Cod fish).

The bottom line is that I have a very hard time getting rid of stuff and once I purchased my first home, forget it! I had an attic and a crawl space for storage? Well I am going to keep almost everything then. I still have  a lot of clothing, shoes and handbags from the 90’s. Can you imagine!?  The good news is that I am an organizational freak! I label bins and place them according to categories (Xmas, Easter, Memorabilia etc). The problem is that now that I have kids, I need to throw my shit away! There isn’t enough room for my stuff, my husbands stuff (he still has his boy scout stuff, camping gear, fishing gear and more clothes than me) AND our kids stuff.

My daughter started PreK in 2014 at 2 1/2 and since then I have been keeping everything in a purple bin (purple is the color of her birthstone) and well I have been hoarding it. However as I mentioned, now that we are a family of 4 the house is getting a bit small so we really need to be efficient about what we keep and what we donate. Because trust me in this house nothing of use goes in the garbage-that is just a “saying” we give everything to those less fortunate.

So when I found out about this app called “ArtKive” I fell in love. It allows you to take photos of your kids art work and then make collage books or even tee shirts, accent pillows etc. I just started using it today because over the weekend operation DE-clutter went into effect. We are renovating our kitchen this weekend, you know Memorial Day weekend when normal people relax, yea well we are starting to renovate our kitchen because we like to torture ourselves. So at the moment my house is starting to look like a storage unit which makes my OCD kick into overdrive. Thank God for Klonopins! Anyways since I can’t control much this week or anything for the next month really I decided to go thru more stuff aka my daughter’s school art work and it feels great! I took photos of everything via the app and threw everything into the recycle bin!  I am hoping that once she sees her beautiful photo book of her artwork she will forget about the trauma of seeing her stuff in the trash. If not there is always therapy when she gets older. I am trying my best!

And yes I kept a handful of pieces the ones that really made me teary eyed.

How do you all keep your kids’ stuff/memorabilia organized?


December Weekends

There are 3 months in the year that I feel always fly by and are jam packed with activities. May because of weddings, Baptism, Communions, Mother’s day,  my husband’s birthday and Memorial Day; October because of weddings, my wedding anniversary and of course Halloween and then December. This past week I finally surrendered to the cold I had been fighting since Thanksgiving. Despite all of my hippie remedies (vitamins, teas and herbs) my body just needed to rest, drink plenty of water and take about 678 theraflu packets. I am finally feeling better and have some of my energy back.

I love spending my weekends in December ice skating, baking, cooking, going to the see the Tree in Rockefeller Center and the windows at Saks Fifth Avenue. I also like to binge on Netflix because the weather is usually crappy but this year the weather has been amazing! I feel like I am living in Georgia. In fact today, the weather lady said it was colder in Texas than it was in the Tri-State area(NY/NY/CT). While I do NOT want to complain in the least, I do feel like a lost puppy. I want to wear all of my festive winter clothes but I can’t because I’ll pass out from the heat. I also want to hibernate inside my home but with temperatures in the 60’s I feel horrible doing so. I spent this weekend, going out to dinner with friends, ice skating on a melting rink in a long sleeve tee shirt and sunglasses-AMAZING! and playing with my daughter and dog in the backyard as if it was early May. We slept with the windows open all weekend and the heat shut off. This weather is great for our wallet! More money to spend on going out.

I am totally preparing myself for -20 degrees and 2 feet of snow next month!


Yoga Tuesdays

My first yoga class was in college and after 10 minutes I was OVER it. I tried again when I found out I was pregnant and I fell in love. Not only did I feel amazing physically but my mind was just clear and I slept like a baby that night. I did yoga throughout both my pregnancies and its practices kept me sane and focused during both my labors which were 24hours+. Today, both of my kids are enrolled in yoga classes and I would not have it any other way. Tuesdays=yoga. I take my son to a mommy and me in the morning and my daughter to a drop off class in the afternoon. I think it is so important for kids to learn early on that they need to take care of themselves, to take a minute and just be with their spirit, mind and to learn to meditate. Hold a pose and focus. Yes, perhaps I am a closet hippie.

We live in a society where we are bombarded with information 24/7, kids today are almost all impatient, they want instant gratification. Phones are ringing or pinging or vibrating every 2 minutes. We have so many activities planned for our kids- do they really ever live in the moment? Or are they thinking about what’s next?

My husband works in New York City and to say he has a stressful job would be an understatement. He has trouble sleeping, has lots of back pain and overall it just takes him a long time to wind down at night. I had suggested he try yoga since it helped me tremendously and he told me….

yoga fart

I chuckled and thought yea, it is probably best for those poor people in class that he not go.

He is going to his first yoga class after the holiday. Namaste.


Vicks Vaporub cura todo! It cures everything!

Vicks vaporubYo lo uso para todo. Esta en cada cuarto de mi casa!

I am like the old father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, remember he thought windex was the cure for everything? Well I am the same way, except I think it is Vaporub. The fall and spring are the most common times for kids to get sick. My daughter just fell asleep, she has been coughing every night since Saturday.This is what I use because I have found that the following things cure all:

  1. Vaporub
  2. Sopa de pollo
  3. Humidifier
  4. Steam bath
  5. Vicks plug in strips

As a first time parent I was so scared to use vaporub on my daughter because the doctor would always say, do not put it directly on her skin, apply it to a tee shirt. But that doesn’t work. What works is putting it on their chest, back, behind their knees and under their feet. All of our parents probably had this stuff rubbed all over their body when they were babies and they survived. I always try to keep things in perspective.

One other thing that I always keep in my house are vitamins and homeopathic remedies. My daughter takes an elderberry and echinacea supplement every day, along with her pediasure (my pediatrician suggested I do this) and when she gets ill I give her some homeopathic drops that help congestion and the basic cold symptoms. My daughter is almost 4 years old and has only ever had to take antibiotics once when she had an ear infection. Everyone has to do what they think is best but this works for me.

Starting the Holidays off right

This weekend we had friends come and visit with their kids and enjoyed some good food, wine and playing outside with our dog. I try to work my kids out whenever I can so they go to sleep at night without a fight. I also tell them that they need to go outside before the snow comes and they are locked inside. I think I may have overdone it because I passed out at 9:30pm on Saturday. I started my Sunday by catching 20 minutes of The Pioneer Woman and am so glad I did. I am going to make her mash potatoes with shallot recipe this Thanksgiving. I love making things beforehand so that I am less stressed and crazy the day of Thanksgiving. Which is why after watching the Food Network I got my daughter to sit with me in the kitchen and work on our place cards. I usually try to incorporate something from our yard into our Holiday decor. In past years, I used acorns and spray painted them Gold and Silver and my favorite is using leaves from the yard as place cards. It was great for her because she has to practice her handwriting. Killed 2 birds with 1 stone.


We had a great time at the Thanksgiving Day parade in our town, its short and sweet, just the way I like it. We saw 30,584 Sesame Street character balloons and then Santa! I then took the afternoon off and went to the Spa with my friend. I haven’t done that in oh never and it was soo much fun. I felt like my old self again. We even went on a girl date afterwards and had a delicious dinner and I had a little glass of white wine. It is amazing what the little things in life can do for your mood. A manicure/pedicure, massage and a nice dinner-kid free and poof I felt like I had gone on a mini vacation. I feel completely ready for the holidays.


Now off to the supermarket to buy everything we need to cook this week. This is the 1 time a year that I actually look forward to going to the market. I am going to eat myself into a food coma and then squeeze my bloated butt into a faja.